The King Arthur Conspiracy

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Click here to buy your copy of the book certain powerful interests would rather disappeared down the memory hole. Grant Berkley's book focuses upon the detailed historical research undertaken for over 30 years by Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett. Berkley was given unprecedented access to the historians' research notes and The King Arthur Conspiracy runs to over 500 pages.

The King Arthur Conspiracy includes over 100 pages of photos, documents, inscriptions, translations and detailed supporting data.

The King Arthur Conspiracy is a remarkable book. Berkley's hand-on approach derives from his career as an investigator and engineer. He provides the reader will unparallelled access to REAL BRITISH HISTORY based upon the Wilson-Blackett research papers...

There are two British histories; one fake, made-up Mickey Mouse version taught in schools, colleges and Universities. This fake version dates to the mid 19th Century and has been actively promoted by bankrupt academics jealous at Wilson and Blackett's series of discoveries dating back to 1976.
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Berkley's The King Arthur Conspiracy gives YOU back YOUR HISTORY, the history of the ancient Britons, their arrival on these shores via two mass migrations detailed in historical manuscripts. The history of the ancient Britons is YOUR HISTORY and the evidence is in the manuscripts, that you can
read here, on the ground both in Britain and abroad.

Berkley traces Wilson and Blackett's 20 plus years research into the Coelbren alphabet, whose existence can be found everywhere the ancient Britons, or Khumry, travelled. Coelbren inscriptions are found in the Near East, Central Europe, Britain and Northern America. These inscriptions can be securely dated and TRANSLATED.

Berkley uses Wilson and Blackett's work to destroy The Big Lie that there is "no" ancient British history or, indeed, a real Coelbren alpahabet. Coelbren dates back at least 3,000 years and this book provides detailed accounts and facts.

Many historical mysteries and explained and solved by Grant Berkley. Hancock and Bauval have nothing in comparison! Berkley uses his skills and experience as am investigator and engineer to grapple with complex issues and set them out in a way that all can understand.

The King Arthur Conspiracy is truly the key to foundations of European religion, history andculture.

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The King Arthur Conspiracy
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